I love the acroynm that Neale Donald Walsh, ‘Conversations with God’ uses for the word F.E.A.R. In my last newsletter, I stated that I would be posting a video of Neale discussing the topic of the word FEAR. I also invite you to sign up for our V.I.P. (Vision, Integrity, Passion and Purpose) newsletter and as a thank you, you will receive one free chapter of our “8 Keys to Unlocking Infinite Passion” chapter on the law of attraction and passion. Watch this inspirational video and leave your comments on how you feel this could impact the way you are ‘being’ each day.

So what really is FEAR? Is it real or is it an illusion.

There are really only two main states to come from, one is LOVE and the other one is Fear. Then there are many other levels of emotions in between, such as Anxiety, Depression and on the other end of the spectrum you may experience the emotion of Appreciation, Joy and Passion. Neale states that fear is based on the thought that we feel we need something and we think we are not going to get it (the fear.) One of the great questions he asked is “What are we afraid of and what is the impact it is having on our state of being?”

Remember in the days of prehistoric reptiles such as the dinosaurs. Then cave women and men came along and they instinctively understood the “flight or fight” response. Imagine having a Tyrannosaurus looking at you as his next meal?

Do you know that what one thinks about will actually result in a shift in your physiological state and in your body? Our bodies interpret our thoughts as real and if you are in a state of fear, the body will respond to what you are thinking and will create a real stress response.

The “fight or flight” response was originally discovered by Walter Cannon, a Harvard physiologist. He stated that this response originates in the hypothalamus area of our brain, and when stimulated it will start a sequence of firing your nerve cells, and release chemicals that will prepare the body for running (flight) or a fight (the fight response). The fight or flight response does not work with our rational mind, however it is an important element of our body’s primitive and inborn response that engages when the body perceives the threat to our physical survival.

In the video Neale shared this acroynm for F.E.A.R. The letter F for Feeling; E for Excited; A for the word And ; and R is for Ready . How brilliant is this and what a great reframe for you to experience each day from this framework. You are feeling first, then excited about what is showing up and ready for all the wonderful blessings and people, places and things to come into your awareness throughout the day! Imagine how it would be to see the world through this perspective.

Throughout the years I have used a cool exercise on how limited we can be at times and how we really perceive the world. Take a regular size of paper 8 x 11 inches and roll the paper up so it is turned into a telescope. Now look around you and as you do, begin to allow this telescope to get bigger, so you can see more around you. You will begin to notice that you see more and can take in more of your surroundings. If you think about this as a metaphor and how you see the world, you will notice that we only take in so much information each day.

So my motto is to check out if your fear is ‘real’ or ask yourself if it is ‘an illusion?’ Are you coming from love, joy and happiness, or from the emotions of anger, jealousy, sadness and struggle. Challenge yourself to embrace the new. Learn how to do something new today, or experience a new activity. You could sign up for a new sport, take a walk, start knitting, challenge yourself to move through false evidence appearing real (in a healthy and safe way.)

Live with Passion, Joy and Love!