My husband Cliff and I returned home from an Eastern Caribbean Cruise on the Royal Caribbean’s ship Grandeur of the Seas and it was grand! We were part of the Enrichment Program and presented our key notes to the guests on board. From start to finish, the whole experience was wonderful and we will be speaking again at Christmas on their sister ship Celebrity’s Century.

I love being creative and working outside the box to create new ideas and explore new opportunities and possibilities in life. I had a blast on this journey, anchoring the feeling of ‘be happy, be abundant, be wealthy in mind and spirit, and be in gratitude.’ So, you might ask what does smiling have to do with all of this and life? Well, in the Law of Attraction, which is one of my key notes, the Law simply states “Like attracts like: that is like unto itself is drawn.” Every thing is energy and if you use the metaphor of you being a magnet, you draw circumstances, people and opportunities into your life’s experience. If you want more abundance, joy and harmony in your life, you must be in alignment with this. As you are thinking and speaking and feeling, you are creating. So, know your clear intention of what you want to create in life and pay attention to where you are putting your attention. Always turn to what you want in every discussion and in everything you do.

This is where I would like to formally introduce you to and welcome the “Smiley Ball!”

From the start of this exciting journey to the completion, the Smiley Ball took on a life of it’s own. My first idea was to add the Smiley Ball to my enrichment key note presentation “The Secret behind the Secret Movie: The Law of Attraction and Passion.” However, as we began this journey another ‘aha’ moment happened and I thought it would be great to take the Smiley Ball with us during our journey and share this with people we met, the places we visited and this piqued interest in the talks we presented. This was so much fun and I wanted to share some of the pictures with you, the ports we visited and some of the amazing people we met along the way. Also, a huge thank you to all of the people I met and who attended our talks on the cruise. We loved talking with you, giving our key notes and having fun with you on this voyage. Edutainment Style!


Here is the beginning of our journey with ‘Smiley Ball’ at the Toronto Pearson airport. We are just boarding Air Canada’s Jazz plane en route to Baltimore, Maryland. This picture is in honor of ‘Smiley Ball’ starting one of the many journeys we will take and to our much loved cat Jazzy!


This is inside the beautiful airport at Maryland, Baltimore. Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport is an international commercial airport serving the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area in the United Stated. On October 1, 2005, the airport was renamed this to honor the former US Supreme Court justice, who grew up in Baltimore.


At the Port of Maryland, Baltimore and about to board the Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas.


We met a lovely couple from England while trying on hats in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We had fun talking with our new friends and taking a picture with Smiley Ball!

August30SanJuan 020

We found these very unique artistic ‘cat’ chairs in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Here we are at Artistic Jeweler in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands with Philip Blease, Port & Shopping Guide on the Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas, Max and Suresh from Artistic Jeweler, my husband Cliff and I and Smiley Ball!


Smiley Ball, Cliff and I are all ready to set off on our Dominican Jeep Safari Adventure in Samana the Dominican.


Smiley Ball and I are enjoying the beautiful El Valle Beach in Samana, the Dominican Republic. This was one of the highlights of our adventure and we enjoyed this virgin and untamed, white-sand beach that was fringed with palm trees. We swam in the warm waters of the Ocean and this felt like our own private oasis!


Breakfast aboard the Grandeur of the Seas. What a beautiful view, great food, Smiley Ball and our new friends, Betty and Charles.


These are our wonderful new friends, Chris and Tricia, Cliff and myself and Donna and Steve. This was the perfect table and we called our table ‘The Monk Table, in honor of the show MONK. If you have not watched the show, our family loves it and there was one episode where Monk wanted to stop working with his clients and he thought it was perfect as he was with his 100th client. Low and behold, his assistant Natalie, informed him that he was working on his 101 case, so he could not stop doing his work because he could not stop at an uneven number! So, long story short, our table’s number was ‘100’ and we celebrated Monk! What fun!


Heading our for the Captain’s Night and this is our beautiful cabin, Smiley Ball and our towel art!


The ‘Law of Attraction’ key note and some of the great people who attended the event! Cruising is an amazing way to see different ports and meet new people and new friends!


Talk about ‘Top Notch’ amazing staff on the Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas. Here we are with Gabriel, the talented technician and Joanna, the wonderful Cruise Program Administrator. It was wonderful to meet both of you and thank you for being amazing and brilliant!


Here I am with Smiley Ball and one of the talented photographer’s, Xin Yan (Ben). We thought we would take a picture of Ben with me and Smiley Ball, as he had taken so many great pictures of us on board. We now have many of these in our home and they bring back wonderful memories of this great adventure.


Cliff, Smiley Ball and Arnold, who went out of his way every morning to bring us orange juice and coffee. Arnold was also our waiter at table 100 (the monk table!) He always greeted us with his lovely smile! The staff aboard the cruise ship come from many countries and it was great to get to know and discover each person’s personal story.


The Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas has a wonderful program called ‘Make a Wish Foundation’ and they raise monies through individuals choosing to walk one mile for this organization. We met the brilliant Cruise Director, Clodagh (Clo) several mornings while we walked the beautiful decks. Clo is an amazing person and was out there every day, meeting other walkers and inspiring each one of us along the way. It is a way to make a difference, give back, stay fit and meet awesome people.

August30SanJuan 034

Smiley Ball and the artistic towel arrangement of Buddha. Our room steward George was amazing in creating these wonderful towel creations each evening. What a wonderful surprize!


The last day of our amazing cruise and we are just about to disembark from the Grandeur of the Seas. We wanted to take a picture with Smiley Ball and Otto, the Marketing & Revenue Manager on the Royal Caribbean however, every time we met Otto, Smiley Ball was having a nap in the cabin! We look forward to the next time we meet Otto and taking this picture. It was a real pleasure meeting you and we enjoyed the talks that we shared!

So, remember to smile every day and go about your day laughing, being in joy and gratitude and celebrating our brilliant lives! Life is a wonderful journey, so smile and say hello to others each day with a smile. I know you will begin to see many smiling faces right back to you!

Live your Passion
One Smile at a Time!