Today I would like to share with you four inspirational videos. I encourage you to leave comments on the blog and start a dialogue with other people about the Miracle of Life and the Power of your Belief System. There are many ways that we can truly connect with our true authentic self. We are unlimited spiritual beings living a physical life and when we truly discover ourselves and take the time to quiet the mind, chatter and the ego part of ourselves, to go within, we can re-connect with our true essence. Ask yourself, Who am I really? and allow the information to flow to you with ease.

You can also take a walk in nature and experience ‘being the tree’, ‘being the flower’, be one with nature. Every thing in the world is energy and vibrates at frequencies. In the book “The True Power of Water” by Dr. Masaru Emoto, he shares with us how our physical bodies are 70% water and how water we can heal ourselves and the planet through paying attention to our thoughts thoughts, words, vibrations and intentions. Be in gratitude, love, thankfulness each day and see the miracles unfold in your life.

My wish for you is to take time every day, even if this is 15 minutes, to create a space where you will not be interrupted and quiet your mind, go within and connect with your brilliance. It is in this space that you can become clear on your path in life, your vision, purpose and re-claim all your creativity. Commit to doing this for even one month and you will start to see doors open up to you, the right people coming into your life and the unlimited possibilities.

I invite you to take time now to fully enjoy this beautiful movie segment of Planet Earth – The Jewel of the Universe. I love the lyrics and music by OWL, Fireflies.

Here is another inspirational video about the Miracle of Believing, with Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston singing one of the songs from the Soundtrack movie “The Prince of Egypt.”

We are all unique and have special skills and talents. Discover your passions, your purpose and live your life to the fullest – one passion at a time! I am also offering a two for one Holiday Special on my CD Audiobook “8 Keys to Unlocking Infinite Passion.” This is a wonderful opportunity to gift yourself and a friend the Gift of discovering your passion and creating the life of your dreams NOW. What are you waiting for?