One Day Workshop


The ancient art of story telling has been around since the beginning of time.  Stories can be told in many forms using music, art, dance and shared in writing, orally and in drawings.  Some stories have been passed down through generations after generation.

Remember when you were young and your family read you bed time stories?  Some stories began with “Once upon a time…” and moved into the theme of “there lived a prince and a princess…” and the ending “Happily ever after.”

There are many different kinds of stories: mysteries, romance, thriller, adventure, drama, action and many more!  There is an amazing power in the stories we tell ourselves and the stories we share with others each day.

Telling a New Story workshop will teach you how to create powerful stories that will impact your life in a positive and dramatic way.  You will learn how to change your old stories to empower You and Others.

You will learn how to create the life you really want by shifting the way you tell these stories; learn the power of your subconscious mind; how to use language to powerfully affect your environment and how you can create your life by design.  You were born to create a life extraordinaire!

We wear many hats in our lives and play many roles.  The great news is that you are the common theme and you get to choose what roles you want to play; the scenes; actors; background; theme; costumes, location and lighting.  You are the producer of the play called “My Amazing Life and Journey!”

In this workshop:

  • Discover the Secret in the Powerful Law of Attraction and how your belief system impacts what you are creating ‘every moment’ in your life.
  • Learn how to use language to empower you and take back your energy.
  • Begin to create the life you really want with ease and flow and discover your true potential, passions, purpose and be authentic and present in life.
  • Apply and use exercises to shift yourself into an energized mode with clarity and focus.
  • Begin to integrate the Be – Do – Have philosophy and manifest the life you really want.  Learn powerful tools, exercises and techniques to shift into a new and better way of being.
  • Begin to tell powerful stories that shift your relationships, your confidence and your energy.  It’s all within you!
  • Create a powerful shift and close the gap from where you are and where you want to be.


You set the stage!

In this workshop, you will choose the arena that you want to play in and create shifts in your life.

  • Relationships
  • Financial Arena
  • Physical, Mental and Emotional Well Being
  • Spiritual Life
  • Family Life
  • Career

Get ready to set your New and Brilliant Stage and start telling a new story that will excite you about living the life of your dreams!

Cost: $ 99.00 + tax
Material Cost: $ 15.00 + tax


Healthy snacks, coffee, tea and juices will be provided.

Please contact us at 905-773-7950 or email us at  and reserve your front row hot seat for this powerful one day transformational workshop.

Please make cheques payable to Moira Sutton and thank you.

Change your Story – Change your Life!