Accountability and Responsibility

Well, I was talking with a friend and associate today in regards to individuals being accountable and responsible (how you respond) in their business and personal lives. When you are accountable you follow through with what you say you are going to do. You also move into empowerment, by taking back your power and thus have more energy to create what you want in your life. Also choose to be pro-active versus re-active, you decide how you will respond to every day events.

You are the director and producer of your life and wow – you get to choose the roles you play, the people you want to hang out with and the background, lighting, location and the theme. I love this reframe (how you look at your life – your perception) and you can play many roles. For instance, I play a Mum, a daughter, a wife and soul mate, a sister, a friend, a motivational speaker, lifestyle & success coach and television host and producer of productions and projects that make a difference. Inspiration, creativity and the wow factor – wowing in life and having fun.

So, what is your next role? Check it out and have fun!