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    Are you really getting the results you want in your life? Are you ready for a change, however, you are unsure which way to go? Do you feel stuck, bored, stagnant and not living the life you really want?
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    Do you want your event to be empowering, inspirational and motivate your team and audience to take action? Moira Sutton is an outstanding motivational speaker. Energizing, dynamic, passionate and inspirational!
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    Join Television Personality and Life & Success Coach Moira Sutton on the “8 Keys to Unlocking Infinite Passion™.”
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  • I am a big believer in the saying 'What comes from the heart, goes to the heart.' Moira Sutton is a communicator who speaks with passion about that which matters to her, and I've no doubt that she will continue to inspire and empower women world wide to share their mission and make a difference in the world while creating the life of their dreams. I wish Moira every success and know that the audience she seeks will find her, too, and share in her wisdom, her compassion, her mission and her vision.
    Erin Davis, CHFI Co-Host
  • Moira is a dynamic speaker who has the ability to captivate, hold and motivate her audience. She interacts well with the audience, encouraging them to question and participate. She is empathetic and encouraging in her delivery.
    Wendy Schie, Director, Academy of Learning
  • I enjoyed your SPLENDID presentation and really appeciated the exercises you wove into your narrative. Your Key Note - Workshop was wonderful and engaging and you have great energy! Thank you for inspiring me to take action!
    Margaret Imai-Compton, Imai-Compton Consulting
  • Moira Sutton is a creative and dynamic speaker who captures the audience and inspires them. She is passionate in her work and beliefs. She has spoken at B.I.G. Workshops and seminars many times with great enthusiasm and warmth. The audience just loves her and her dedication.
    Margaret Wong, President, Business Innovation Group
  • I'm delighted to recommend Moira Sutton as a key note motivational speaker. Moira spoke to a jammed packed room full of job seekers who were attending our LinksTo Jobs Fair for Women, YWCA in Toronto. Moira speaks with passion and encouragement and was successful in motivating and inspiring her audience. She uses her knowledge, warmth, laughter and connects to the audience by creating an inviting and safe atmosphere to share and grow. Moira helped participants look at how they can attract the positive element into one's life. Through her creative tools and materials she helped participants focus on what they want in life, instead of what they don't want. Moira's fun and inspirational key note presentation was dynamic and well received.
    Tamara Broder, Job Developer/Employment Counsellor, YWCA Toronto
  • What appealed to me most, was the expediency in which your work, the Success Breakthrough Process© took place. It wasn't a long and drawn out process and after only two sessions, I had a breakthrough in uncovering what it is I want to do. I am more focused and energized than I have been in months. You made a significant difference in my life and career.
    Cindy Stradling, CSP
  • Mentoring and coaching was never something I considered before I met Moira. From the first interaction with her I felt as though I was with a friend and could talk about anything. My time with Moira could not have come at a better time in my life. With Moira’s coaching I learned how to lead by example, something so elementary but so life changing. When I spoke with Moira, she listened to me on every level, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Our time together was so peaceful and relaxing. Even in the occasional complete silence we were comfortable with each other. Since my time with her, my career has flourished and become so much more fulfilling again.
    Heather Earle, Professional
  • I really enjoyed working with Moira through the Success Breakthrough Model. I have worked with other coaches before, but I was amazed how quickly Moira was able to help me gain clarity on what was holding me back both personally and professionally. She made it easy to identify blockages that were keeping me from finding the balance in my life I was looking for. After releasing these negative "blocks" I felt so much lighter and happier. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to get the results in their personal and professional life that they are seeking.
    Donna Wiggers, Nutritionist/Allergist